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About Clinical Supervision

Psychotherapists from all disciplines can be just as reluctant to engage in clinical supervision as clients can be to engage in therapy. Showing your work and getting feedback can be scary, but it does not have to be. Clinical supervision improves client care and clinician confidence. We never stop growing, and seeing ourselves as therapists is always better with a mirror since we do not always know what we do not know.  


My approach is developmental, depending on your growth stage as a therapist and attuned to your learning needs during each supervision meeting. We begin our work together with an assessment of your learning needs and desires, and I take time to support our alliance so you can feel brave to show your challenges and know they are growth opportunities. And we will also celebrate successes! Sessions may focus on case conceptualization, intervention choice, practicing interventions that are a struggle, reviewing session recordings together or exploring self-of-therapist/countertransference. Therapists interested in expanding their skills with Emotionally Focused Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are welcome. I can help you work with clients who have ADHD, learning disabilities or brain injury/illness to modify interventions so that treatment is inclusive. I have expertise in couples, families and children, including play therapy.

I have worked as a Clinical Supervisor to a team of Registered Social Workers for the past four years and have a certification in Clinical Supervision from the Adler Graduate Professional School. I am an EFT Supervisor Candidate and can supervise therapists interested in EFT certification or consultation. I meet the criteria set out by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario to supervise Registered Psychotherapists in the Qualifying category. I continue to develop my skillset in clinical supervision, taking ongoing training and receiving clinical supervision of my clinical supervision where I also show my work.

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